Qualities of the Best Personal Assistant in Dubai

Looking for a personal assistant who can help you make your daily office or business life more efficient? There are many possible ways to find a personal assistant. You can simply search online for My PA – Personal Assistant Service in Dubai where they can match you with the available experienced and highly skilled personal assistants or you can also post a job post and gather applicants. Either way you do it, there are certain things or qualities you should look for in a PA so that you know you are getting one who is among the best.

Experience – Many people think that since they are just getting a personal assistant, the person does not need to be experienced at work. They can basically get anyone who has graduated from college and that should be fine. But this is not the best way to think when looking for your PA. If you want to get the Best Personal Assistant in Dubai, you have to look at the experience of the applicant. He or she does not need to have worked many years as a PA but at least have some office experience in a company. That includes doing  full time or part time work taking care of administrative tasks. You can also consider those applicants who have experience as assistants in different departments or those who have worked taking care of customer service relations.


Computer Skills – when looking for personal assistants, you also want someone who has the computer skills to properly do the basic word, excel, and powerpoint tasks that you may need for your business or company. Many companies or employers also now look for certain skills like emailing and lead generation from their personal assistants. But these all come from having the basic computer skills that make it possible for people to get trained later on for more advance computer skills and applications.


Communication Skills – aside from knowing how to use computers and having the right foundation to learn more advance technology and apps, you should also look for a PA who has good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Why is this important? That’s because as your PA, clients and business associates will no doubt connect you or associate you with your PA. They will see your PA as an extension of you because she or he acts as your assistant and is closer to you than anyone when it comes to knowing your schedule and targets. So when looking for a pa, you should also look for someone who can reflect your communication skills when it comes to language and business know-how. The PA must also be pleasant and have a formal behavior when dealing with clients or other companies. The way of speaking and dealing with people is important because you want your customers and business associates to feel that you have chosen a very educated PA that matches your business and work ethics and who can reflect your communication skills as your representative to other people.

How to Find Work in Dubai

If you think you are getting tired of your current job or if you are a new graduate trying to figure out how to best find the job you want, then you can consult with Job Consultancts in Dubai who can help you succeed in your search. Let’s find out about some of the best ways to find work in Dubai.


Job Consultancts in Dubai


You can start by searching for Job Consultancts in Dubai. They are those professionals that do recruitment as their career and spend hours and hours and more training in finding out how to analyze resumes, how to think in such a way that they already can predict the conditions of the job market and how to assess a candidate who is trying to apply for a particular position.


When it comes to Job Consultancts in Dubai, you have to choose a good company because not all of them are created equal. There will be some companies that are not able to meet certain standards and so they are also very lazy of unaware of the skills that one applicant needs in order to qualify for the job. The opposite is the same, you might have the skills but the consultants are not able to see that so he or she doesn’t end up making the best match for candidate and client (hiring company).


If you have a job consultant that is experienced and has the connections you need, then you can easily hire them or sign up for their services and be ahead of others who are not using these profesisoals to find a job.



Follow the Social Media Accounts of Companies

Another thing you can do to make sure you find the right recruitment or job consultants is to also follow the social medial accounts of the business or company that you are trying to apply to. This is not only to learn new stuff from them but more importantly to know if there are job openings with their company.


If you are a very reliable set of skills, then you can immediately discuss those during the meeting with your ideal companies like JCA Associates – Dubai Recruitment Agency and then get the job—all thanks you following their social media. Social media nowadays is not just being used for keeping in contact with friends or family. Now, social media is super necessary when it comes to marketing your business but also finding the right people for the job. That’s why if you are trying to look for a new job or trying to see how you can work for a company that has wifi or internet connection so that you can better understand the work being given to you and that you.


Next time you might be wondering about how to get a job, why not try to contact a recruitment or on consultancy to make sure you are doing things right with your application and documents required.

Learn more about recruiting and jobs in this video:

Benefits of Crossfit

Are you thinking of doing Crossfit or are you just curious as to why so many people are getting into this fitness habit? There are many Crossfit Dubai Locations you can choose from and most of them would be offering different types of membership and rates for their sessions, but before you choose one that is best for you, you have to know some basics first about Corssfit and the benefits you can get if you go on with it.


What is Crossfit?


Corssfit is a way of working out where you use most of your body weight and functional movements (movements that come naturally for the body) instead of using a lot of exercise machines. This makes your body work harder in executing the exercises and thus results in faster weight loss and more trimmed and lean muscles.


In crossfit, you don’t have to workout as long as you would for cardio intensive programs that run for like an hour or so. Crossfit sessions usually just last for 30 minutes or 40 depending on your ability to complete the exercises faster. Of course the workout is more high intensity and many not be suitable for people who already have some physical conditions such as joint problems, diseases, and other physical constraints. It is best to consult with your doctor first to see if Crossfit is something you can do.


Benefits of Crossfit


If you are in good health and have no troubles with your physical condition, then you can be sure that there are lots of benefits you can gain from doing Crossfit regularly. One of those is of course a fitter body. That means you will definitely become leaner and lose weight when you do Crossfit combined with your healthy eating. The reason is that with exercise, your body is able to burn calories and change its metabolism so that it keeps on burning fat even when you are at rest.


Aside from your fitter body, you can gain a lot of mental exercise as well with your Crossfit sessions because you are going to be challenged by the movements nd you need to able to cope with those challenges. YOu do that by training the mind to be more focused and just see the present task or movement at hand and not really think of outside distractions that could make you want to give up or feel that you are not really doing anything and just making yourself tired.


Finally, when doing Crossfit, you can gain more friends and be in touch with people who share the same values like you such as health and fitness, camaraderie, and challenges to build character and determination. These are just some of the benefits of Crossfit and if you do your training regularly at competent gyms like Reebok Crossfit LifeSpark – Crossfit Dubai, you know you are going to be in good hands and you can see and feel results in as short as just 1 week!

Check out this video to learn a basic Crossfit movement now:

How to Find a Good Flower Shop

There are many flower shops open for business now and while it has gotten easier to buy flowers, it has also become really confusing to choose which flower shop to go to. Add to that the fact that you can also buy flowers now online compared to just going to the store itself. By doing this, you don’t just save time but also get to order using free delivery for the flowers so you don’t have to get them yourself when they arrive. Plus, you can also write the address of the place or person you want the flowers to be delivered to adding another layer of convenience.

With all these added benefits and services, how can you actually choose a good flower shop then? The answer is to look at recommended flower shop in your area or check out the ones recommended by your friends or relative.

How to find recommended flower shops

You can always go with the more established shops first if you want to cut your time in searching such as Mercury Flowers – Dubai Flower Shop where there are already a lot of choices when it comes to different types of flowers and services you can add on to your order.

If you want to find out what your other choices are, you can go online and check for nearby flower shops in your area such as your home or work place. There are also some choices in malls or you can look for smaller flower shops though they may not have the same additional services as that of a more established shop such as same day delivery, customized bouquets or special orders.

When you have found two or three shops, then you can start searching for reviews about them, what services they give, and if they deliver in your area. Remember to check only those reviews that are credible such as the ones from the shops social media pages where real customers can post their reviews, and also in Google reviews where you can find some of the more reliable reviews as well.

You can also ask for recommended flower shops from friends and family members or if you have colleagues who have used the services or bought flowers from the shop they are recommending, then you can check out those ones, too.

Aside from the reviews and recommendations, you can also ask the shop to provide you their portfolio especially if you are trying to get them for a bigger event such as a corporate event, wedding, or anniversary. That’s because aside from the reviews, you would want to see actual events they have handled in the past to see how they provided the flowers, if the arrangement looks great, and if the overall appeal of the decorations they did are at par with your expectations and what you would want for your own event.

It can take some time to find the right flower shop, so just make sure you allot the necessary time to look for them.