Qualities of the Best Personal Assistant in Dubai

Looking for a personal assistant who can help you make your daily office or business life more efficient? There are many possible ways to find a personal assistant. You can simply search online for My PA – Personal Assistant Service in Dubai where they can match you with the available experienced and highly skilled personal assistants or you can also post a job post and gather applicants. Either way you do it, there are certain things or qualities you should look for in a PA so that you know you are getting one who is among the best.

Experience – Many people think that since they are just getting a personal assistant, the person does not need to be experienced at work. They can basically get anyone who has graduated from college and that should be fine. But this is not the best way to think when looking for your PA. If you want to get the Best Personal Assistant in Dubai, you have to look at the experience of the applicant. He or she does not need to have worked many years as a PA but at least have some office experience in a company. That includes doing  full time or part time work taking care of administrative tasks. You can also consider those applicants who have experience as assistants in different departments or those who have worked taking care of customer service relations.


Computer Skills – when looking for personal assistants, you also want someone who has the computer skills to properly do the basic word, excel, and powerpoint tasks that you may need for your business or company. Many companies or employers also now look for certain skills like emailing and lead generation from their personal assistants. But these all come from having the basic computer skills that make it possible for people to get trained later on for more advance computer skills and applications.


Communication Skills – aside from knowing how to use computers and having the right foundation to learn more advance technology and apps, you should also look for a PA who has good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Why is this important? That’s because as your PA, clients and business associates will no doubt connect you or associate you with your PA. They will see your PA as an extension of you because she or he acts as your assistant and is closer to you than anyone when it comes to knowing your schedule and targets. So when looking for a pa, you should also look for someone who can reflect your communication skills when it comes to language and business know-how. The PA must also be pleasant and have a formal behavior when dealing with clients or other companies. The way of speaking and dealing with people is important because you want your customers and business associates to feel that you have chosen a very educated PA that matches your business and work ethics and who can reflect your communication skills as your representative to other people.